A PC Gamer's love letter to Square Enix.

Listen Square, I love you and your product. I really do. I love Final Fantasy, I can’t hate it. Even when I was disappointed with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, I still loved you.

I love how you guys went out of your way to not hold our hands with that game, I was hoping for better dialogue and a more engaging entry into XIII’s mythos, but we all cannot get what we want.


But after playing XIII and XIII-2’s ports on PC, I feel we need to go to a restaurant and have a talk.

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No, this isn’t a break up, Square. But, if we are going to make this work, we need to get some shit straight.....

I’m currently playing the Port of XIII and avoiding XIII-2.

I played XIII-2 on PS3, and I was ECSTATIC to have an excuse to play it again. I loved almost everything about that game.


I hated that I could not unlock the costumes.

I hated the dialogue.

I hated the story and the inability to get invested in anyone emotionally like NiER or Drakengard 1.


But, I loved everything else.

The not-so secret super bosses in the Colosseum that seemed to only get harder. The secret unlocked time streams, the main Antagonist, the duel between Lightning and Caius ....I loved that game, and I still love it. But, with this PC port, I feel betrayed by you, Square.


And I have come to realize how ready you are to betray me.

I paid a lot of money to build my rig properly, and while it still needs some work before it’s complete, I fancy it a high-end rig running 2 GTX 970s at 1440p and an intel i7 4790k


Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 should have no problem running , especially after two patches but yet after two patches we get:

-Bad frame drops

-Bug that pixelates 1440p

-Still no proper “Quit game” button, just hit escape for a piss ass prompt.

I thought another patch would come, but you guys left us high and dry and said:


I know you are a business and you have to look out for your interests....But when a bunch of people demanded Final Fantasy come to PC en-masse and bought it enough to put it on the top sales of Steam for about a week, this is NOT what they had in mind!

We didn’t even need a graphical overhaul, or a revamp, or more bosses.

We just wanted a smooth gameplay experience, we didn’t even get that.

Now you are coming out with Final Fantasy Type-0 on PC and Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.


Part of me is excited for LR, because let’s face it....You guys said it would come out in Spring, but clearly pushed it back.

And I’d like to think you are working on it to make it better, maybe even working on patches for XIII and XIII-2 .


But, then again I try to remember that you guys are notorious for tasteless porting, and one of your most popular entries: Final Fantasy 4? Is the second most ported game of all time if you count Tetris.

Then I become cynical and question whether or not this will really work.

I’m beginning to realize more and more that my love for you, Square is Tepid. And my love for the idea of Final Fantasy is more crystal.


I love the idea of Final Fantasy more than I actually like Final Fantasy.

I’m not a nostalgia fiend of Final Fantasy, my first Final Fantasy that I actually played (Not counting Final Fantasy XI) was FF7. FF7 was great, I loved playing it and as I played it I was thinking: “So THIS is what all the hype was all about!”


The grinding, the missable items, the questing, the fun, the secrets, the motivation to keep playing. All of the marks of a good single player RPG.

After 7, I began to tear through other FF games, currently I’m on 12 and I have trouble actually starting, but I’ll get around to it AFTER The Witcher 3.


Don’t let me down with Lightning Returns and type-0 like you did XIII and XIII-2, otherwise don’t even bother porting XV. I’ve seen the piss framedrops that Episode Duscae had on PS4, not gonna have that on PC.

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